While living in Australia I manage to do lots of diving and take my underwater camera down in the water.

These underwater images allow you to enjoy the beautiful marine world from the comforts of your home.

By clicking on the map on the right hand side you will go to a Google map with all the places I have dived since I started diving in 2003.

Have a look at some pics of the places I have visited. Hopefully this list will never stop growing, so come back to check for more...

Australia - Tasmania

January 2010, Diving for the second time in the cold watesr of Tasmania. This time I brought my underwater camera.


Australia - Victoria

Coming, January 2010, Diving in Melbourne's backyard: Port Philip Bay. Clear water, Weedy Seadragons under the pier and wrecks...

South Africa

Coming, June 2009, The Sardine Run Expedition. This is the biggest natural underwater evet in the world: whales, sharks, dolphins, sealions and sea birds galore...


July 2010, Two weeks of diving in paradise. Or like the locals say: "Fiji' the way the world should be". Waters were clear in the softcoral capital of the world...

Australia- 3

April/May 2009, a week of diving in Byron Bay, Julian Rocks during the Underwater Festival.


April/May 2009: My entries for the Byron Bay Underwater Festival. Second price in compact camera category and third price in portfolio category!!!


June 2009: Three days of diving at Straddie. This time green merky waters instead of the usual tropical blue.




Australia - 2

January 2009: Another weekend on Big Cat Reality in Moreton Bay, in Brisbane's backyard.


November 2008: Diving on Big Cat Reality in Moreton Bay, in Brisbane's backyard.


November 2008: Diving at the spectacular Fish Rock Cave in NSW, Australia.



29 March 2008, Once again getting up close with the Mantas @ North Stradbroke Island. Thanks to David Biddulph for taking the pictures!

Australia - 1

Best daytrip ever... Manta bonanza @ Straddie on December 2nd 2007.



Weekend getaway on beautiful North Stradbroke Island of the coast of Brisbane. Diving with Manta's and sharks @ Straddie in November 2007.


Wonderful weekend of diving at Lady Musgrave Island in Oktober 2007. Southern end of the The Great Barrier Reef.  



Byron Bay diving on September 2nd, 2007.


March 2008, some pictures of corals and seascapes in PNG.


March 2008, diving trip to Loloata island in Papua New Guinea. 5 Days of great diving with strange critters.


5 Days of diving at Sipadan and Mabul in Malaysian Borneo in January 2008. Thanks to Tobias for the landbased pictures after loosing my camera while diving.


September 2008: Diving through caves in crystal clear water and snorkeling with Humpback Whales in the kingdom of Tonga.


New Zealand

Jacques Cousteau was right, this is awesome! Diving at Poor Knights Islands, 2007.

The Netherlands

August 2006: Diving in The Netherlands during summer. My first under water pictures ever...


Coming: Diving in the south of Egypt, Marsa Alam 2006.


Divemaster course at Utila in Honduras 2005.


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